About TSCA Rescue

TSCA Rescue is a committee of the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America, the American Kennel Club’s “parent club” for the Tibetan Spaniel breed. As a member of the AKC Rescue Network, TSCA Rescue is the sole AKC-recognized breed rescue for Tibetan Spaniels. The TSCA Rescue & Health Trust and TSCA Rescue partner to find forever homes for purebred Tibetan Spaniels in need.

TSCA Rescue Volunteers

TSCA Rescue is an all-volunteer organization under the leadership of a National Rescue Coordinator supported by a National Advisor with a network of Regional Coordinators and volunteers nationwide. All of our volunteers share a deep passion for the Tibetan Spaniel breed. Many volunteer roles are needed to keep TSCA Rescue running smoothly, as shown in the following illustration of our “dream team”:

TSCA Roles

When we do not have a volunteer assigned to a role, the National Coordinator, National Advisor or Regional Coordinators step up to carry out the duties of the vacant roles.

To find out how to volunteer for TSCA Rescue, please see our Volunteer page.


To coordinate rescues nationwide, we have divided the country into Rescue Regions as shown in the following map. California is split between the Northwest Region and Southwest Regions at an east-west line just south of San Francisco.

TSCA Rescue Regions


The National Coordinator is Susan Waller Miccio (DE).

The National Advisor is Maryanne Dell (CA).

Ideally, two Coordinators per region are needed to manage the region’s volunteer network. The current Regional Coordinators are:

Region Coordinators
Northeast Deb Lindsay (CT)
Mid-Atlantic/Midwest Alicia Holloway (VA) Gie Kim (VA)
Southeast Debbie Murdock (FL)
Gulf South Gretchen Brown (TX)
North Central Suzanne Miller (MO)
Northwest S. Joelle Pfeiffer (WA)
Southwest Susan Hurlbutt (AZ)

You can reach any coordinator through the TSCA Rescue mailbox at info@tstrust.org.

National Coordinator Duties

  • reports to the TSCA Board and membership and liases with the TSCA Rescue & Health Trust
  • establishes policies and procedures including, but not limited to, intake, surrender, fostering, veterinary protocol, home visits, reference checks, transport and adoptions
  • develops/approves content of websites, social media, forms for internal and external (public) use, educational materials and public communications
  • ensures that Coordinators and volunteers receive training, guidance and support, as needed

National Advisor Duties

  • collaborates with National and Regional Coordinators on operational policies and procedures
  • develops educational materials for adopters, volunteers, shelters, and others having a need for information about Tibetan Spaniels and TSCA Rescue
  • monitors active rescues nationwide and provides guidance and assists Coordinators and other volunteers, as needed
  • counsels volunteers and general public on matters related to Tibetan Spaniel behavior and training
  • develops/reviews content of websites, social media, forms, and public communications

Regional Coordinator Duties

  • arranges intake with surrenderers and shelters in their regions
  • drafts Rescue Alerts, foster appeals and similar public communications related to rescues
  • mentors and monitors fosterers
  • screens and selects veterinary practices and oversees completion of veterinary protocol
  • reviews adoption applications (Prospective Adopter Questionnaires) and manages the screening process (e.g., home and reference checks as needed)
  • selects and notifies adopters and finalizes adoptions including adoption packets and agreements, subject to National Coordinator review
  • coordinates transports
  • maintains records for each rescue