Financial Status


The Trust is funded by donations and fundraising events. Donations are solicited from Tibetan Spaniel Club of America, Inc. (TSCA) annually. Additional donations from the membership and general public are solicited on an as-needed basis. This includes adopter donations to partially offset the expenses associated with a rescue. The Trust organizes fundraising events held in conjunction with the TSCA, Inc. National Specialty and Regional club shows.

Non-Profit Status

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization approved by the IRS, the Trust is exempt from paying federal income tax. As required by the IRS, the Trust files an annual Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax form under its EIN 20-4129223. This form is open for public inspection on the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Lookup website.


To provide complete accountability and transparency of its financial status, the Trust publishes its income and expenses on this site on a regular basis and periodically furnishes reports to the TSCA Board of Directors.


Date Comments Credits Debits Balance
1/1/2017 Beginning Balance
3/2017 Open New Account $7595.51
3/2017 Donation $200.00
3/2017 Rescue $183.60
4/2017 Donation $100.00
5/2017 Donation $100.00
5/2017 2016 Tax Prep $50.00
7/2017 Donation $300.00
7/2017 Web Hosting $59.40
$8,295.51 $293.00
12/31/2017 Ending Balance