How Adoptive Homes Are Selected

To adopt a Tibetan Spaniel from TSCA Rescue, you must file a Prospective Adopter Questionnaire with the Rescue Coordinator. You may file the form when you are first added to the prospective adopter database or file it later when you see a Tibbie that you want to adopt. However, it’s better to file the Questionnaire in advance—having it already on file would speed up the process of applying when you see a Tibbie you want to adopt.

Harriet the California girl

California Girl

TSCA Rescue selects the forever home that’s the best match for each Tibbie in terms of family and lifestyle. Besides reviewing your answers on the Questionnaire, the screening process involves checking references and a home visit.

We select the best home regardless where the Tibbie is and where the adoptive home is. The Rescue Coordinator will discuss transport arrangements when notifying the adopter of his/her selection.

If selected as an adopter, the Rescue Coordinator will give you all documents (such as vet records) and other information we have on your Tibbie. This includes feedback from the foster family.

Adoption Agreement

Persons selected to adopt a rescue Tibetan Spaniel must submit an Adoption Placement Agreement. The Agreement’s purpose is to ensure that the Tibbie receives the care it needs and is protected from homelessness for the rest of its life.

Tibbie Eyes

Tibbie Eyes

As part of the Agreement, the Trust generally asks for a donation. The donation helps to fund the program by partially covering the expenses incurred to get rescue Tibbies ready for adoption, such as the Veterinary Protocol. The customary adoption donation is $250, but it may be less depending on factors such as the age of the dog and any special needs it may have. The Rescue Coordinator will discuss the donation when notifying the adopter of his/her selection.