The Trust provides financial support by reimbursing eligible expenses incurred while a Tibetan Spaniel is in the care of TSCA Rescue before placement in its adoptive home. Expenses eligible for reimbursement are those rescue volunteers, such as foster families and transporters, incur.

To qualify for reimbursement, the Trust must pre-approve all expenditures for rescue Tibbies. No care or service should be purchased until the Trust has approved the expenditure.  The Trust will reimburse…

  • expenses up to $500 per Tibbie to cover the cost of veterinary care as required by the Veterinary Protocol
  • the cost of 1-2 days boarding before placement in a foster home
  • fees for releasing Tibbies to TSCA Rescue from licensed animal shelters

The Trust may also approve

  • funds for transporting a rescue Tibetan Spaniel to foster care
  • additional funding for pre-approved expenditures on a case-by-case basis

The Trust does not fund

  • purchase of dogs from pet shops or puppy mills
  • veterinary expenses for Tibbies acquired from puppy mills or in the care of rescue groups that charge a re-homing fee unless the dogs are first relinquished to TSCA Rescue

To request reimbursement of expenses incurred, submit the Expense Reimbursement Request, along with all receipts, to the Trust Treasurer.