The owner (or owner’s representative such as an heir) may surrender a Tibetan Spaniel into TSCA Rescue’s care. This will ensure that the Tibbie will be placed in a loving home. Surrenders occur in hardship situations such as the owner’s permanent disability or death—not for convenience.


After her surrender to TSCA Rescue, Merilu found a loving forever home

To discuss a surrender, please contact the Rescue Coordinator for guidance. The Rescue Coordinator will ask for information to help us re-home the Tibbie. Please be prepared to provide recent photos, veterinary records, and any other available documents (such as microchip registration, record of purchase, AKC registration).

To complete the surrender, the owner (or owner’s representative)

  • signs an agreement transferring ownership of the dog to the Trust
  • physically turns over the Tibbie to a TSCA Rescue volunteer

To ease the Tibbie’s transition, TSCA Rescue urges owners to donate the Tibbie’s belongings (such as medication, bed, toys, food, crate) when turning over the Tibbie. Monetary donations are also welcome!

After surrender, contact with the Tibbie or its adopter is not permitted.

Bentley was surrendered due his special needs but found a loving home through TSCA Rescue

An owner may pre-arrange a future surrender to TSCA Rescue. This will ensure that TSCA Rescue finds the Tibbie a loving home when the owner dies or becomes permanently disabled. Please contact the Rescue Coordinator to discuss pre-arrangement of surrender.