TSCA Rescue finds loving homes for Tibetan Spaniels whose owners relinquish ownership and surrender them into our care for re-homing. If the owner is deceased or incapable, a representative (such as the owner’s heir) may surrender the Tibbie. The reasons for surrendering a Tibbie generally involve hardship.

We understand that surrender is a difficult, often heart-breaking decision. We urge you to think carefully about what is best for the Tibbie. Sometimes, problems that seem insurmountable may have doable solutions other than surrendering the Tibbie. However, if you decide to go forward with surrender, we will put all our effort into finding the best possible furever home for your Tibbie.


After her surrender to TSCA Rescue, Merilu found a loving forever home

How to Request Surrender

The first step is to complete the Request to Surrender form. The main purpose of the form is to gather information about the Tibbie that will help us find the perfect match. It’s a long form, with many questions about the Tibbie, including:

  • Ownership
  • Behavior
  • Health

We ask you to explain why the Tibbie is being surrendered and the urgency of the surrender. We also ask you for your thoughts about the perfect home for the Tibbie and to send us the following materials:

  • recent photos
  • any available documents and records (such as veterinary records, microchip registration, purchase record, AKC registration)

Finally, to help the Tibbie’s transition to a foster or adoptive home, we ask you to consider donating items belonging to the Tibbie such as any medication he takes, his customary food, and his favorite bed and toys. Monetary donations are also welcome!

Please be patient and give thought to each question as you answer. We rely on you to tell us as much about the Tibbie as possible; the more info we have, the better the match we can make.

Completing the Surrender

Bentley was surrendered due to his special needs but found a loving home through TSCA Rescue

Before accepting a Tibbie into our care, we must arrange for a foster home and transport. Transitioning from one home to another can be stressful for Tibbies, and the older the Tibbie the harder the transition. To make the transition as easy as we can, we prefer to find a “foster-to-adopt” home, whenever possible, before taking surrender of the Tibbie. That means that the Tibbie can move from the surrendering home directly to his future adoptive home. If that isn’t possible, we will aim for a temporary foster home until we can select the adopter.

After reviewing the form you submit, a Coordinator will contact you to discuss your request with focus on the Tibbie’s current situation and immediate needs. In general, the Coordinator will review the items requested from you (such as photos and records), explain the foster home situation, discuss arrangements for transferring the Tibbie, and answer any questions you may have.

To complete the surrender, we arrange a meeting where the owner (or owner’s representative) physically turns over the Tibbie along with any donated items to a TSCA Rescue volunteer. After the transfer, the person who surrendered the Tibbie no longer has any ownership rights.

Advance Surrender

An owner may pre-arrange a future surrender of a Tibbie(s) to TSCA Rescue. Pre-arranging a surrender will ensure that TSCA Rescue finds the Tibbie a loving home when the owner dies or becomes permanently disabled. Please contact the National Rescue Coordinator at to discuss arranging an advance surrender.