Tibbies Available for Adoption


TSCA Rescue found a forever home for Sparrow

How Tibbies Come to TSCA Rescue

As compared to many other breeds, only a few pure-bred Tibetan Spaniels (“Tibbies”) come into the care of the Trust and TSCA Rescue for adoption each year. Some were in public shelters because they were picked up as strays or their owners surrendered them to the shelter. However, most rescue Tibbies come into our care when their owners surrender them to us because the owner passed away or became unable to care for the Tibbie. As a prospective adopter, it is important for you to understand that you may have a long wait. You should also be aware that most Tibbies surrendered to us are usually mature adults or senior dogs; youngsters and puppies are rare.

We offer the suggestions below to help you find a Tibbie to love.

Rescue/Re-Home Alert Emails from TSCA Rescue


Ruby found her forever home through TSCA Rescue

TSCA Rescue maintains a database of persons from everywhere in North America who want to adopt a Tibetan Spaniel. When a Tibbie in TSCA Rescue’s care is ready for a new home, the Rescue Coordinator notifies the prospective adopters on this waiting list via an email with “Rescue/Re-Home Alert” on the subject line. Generally, the emails go to everyone on the waiting list regardless where they are or the Tibbie is. The email includes facts about and photos of the Tibbie and explains how to apply to adopt the Tibbie.

To get on the waiting list, send an email to the Rescue Coordinator. Please include your full name, location and contact information. The Coordinator will send you a welcome email and add you to the prospective adopter database.

Tibbies from Other Rescue Organizations

When TSCA Rescue learns that another rescue organization has a Tibbie in its care, TSCA Rescue tries to help the organization reach people who are eager to adopt a Tibbie. Another organization may rescue a Tibbie before TSCA Rescue finds out about it because shelters often release dogs to rescue organizations in their local area.

Rizzo is in a loving home thanks to TSCA Rescue

In addition, the rules under which some shelters operate allow them to release dogs only to approved rescues located in their immediate area instead of national rescues like TSCA Rescue. These local rescues may have their own websites and/or Facebook pages. Many use searchable websites such as petfinder.com. To help such a rescue caring for a Tibbie, the Rescue Coordinator posts information about the Tibbie and the rescue on the TSCA Rescue & Health Trust Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook, please “like” and keep an eye on the Trust page to make sure you see these posts.

Under the guidelines, the Trust and TSCA Rescue are allowed to rescue only pure-bred Tibbies. However, while many dogs that come to our attention resemble Tibbies, they may actually be mixes of other breeds, such as Pekingese-Pomeranian. When expert opinion determines that a dog is probably not a pure-bred Tibbie, TSCA Rescue cannot take the dog into its care, but it will nonetheless help publicize those that could possibly be Tibbie mixes.

TSCA Breeder Referral

Another option for prospective adopters is the TSCA Breeder Referral program. In addition to puppies, TSCA member breeders may have adults in need of a home available. The annual Breeder Directory is online. The TSCA Breeder Referral Coordinator can help you find out when and where Tibbies become available. To contact the current coordinator, see TSCA Breeder Referral Committee.