TSCA Rescue needs volunteers to carry out many tasks, great and small, to help re-home rescue Tibetan Spaniels.



Volunteer Needs

Volunteer jobs fall into these categories…

Pre-Adoption Care

  • foster
  • arrange veterinary care
  • transport


  • maintain and process forms
  • home, reference and shelter checks
  • adopter selection


  • process inquiries
  • maintain prospective adopter database
  • outreach (including website, social media, e-lists)

Fostering a Tibbie



Rescue organizations struggle to find volunteer foster homes, and TSCA Rescue is no exception. Giving a foster Tibbie a temporary home is a big responsibility but it is also rewarding. The foster family is the “eyes and ears” of TSCA Rescue. The Rescue Coordinator depends on their feedback about the Tibbie to find the best possible forever home.

When arriving at the foster home, a foster Tibbie may be traumatized—maybe neglected or abused in a former home, terrified by the shelter, or shaken by losing a lifelong home. This trauma may manifest in many ways such as housetraining lapses or trying to escape. Besides meeting their foster Tibbie’s day-to-day needs, foster families also

  • arrange veterinary care required by the Veterinary Protocol, such as general exams, heartworm tests, spay/neuters, bloodwork, and dentals
  • observe the Tibbie’s behavior, evaluate temperament and gently rehabilitate as needed

But the foster family’s most important job is to give lots of love, attention and stability.

How to Volunteer

TSCA Rescue is a committee of the Tibetan Spaniel Club of America, Inc. under the leadership of the Rescue Coordinator.  Both TSCA members and non-members are welcome to volunteer. Everyone who pitches in is appreciated. The Rescue Coordinator will direct and guide volunteers in carrying out their tasks.


To volunteer, contact the Rescue Coordinator. The Coordinator may ask you to complete a Volunteer Application. Foster volunteers will undergo additional screening.

The Trust may reimburse out-of-pocket expenses volunteers incur. See Reimbursement.